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DMC Club Classics Strictly DJ Only 01-18

DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 01
01 Belo Horizonti (Brix Edit)
02 Saturday (Full Intention Club Mix)
03 Around My Brain (Miami By Night Mix)
04 Witch Doktor (Da Junkies Remix)
05 I Need A Miracle (Sol Brothers Dub Plate Vocal)
06 Everytime (Red Jerry Edit)
07 Ghosts (Triumvirate Edit)
08 Into The Groove (Love To Infinity Funktastic Mix)
09 White Lines (Don’t Do It) (Cutmaster Swift & DJ Pogo Remix)
10 The Dub I Lost (Hustlers Convention Remix)
11 Here Comes The Rain Again (The Big Brothers Annual Outing)
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 02
01 Pleasure Dome (Tuff Jam’s UVM Mix)
02 Sing A Song (Mousse T. Club Mix)
03 I Say A Little Prayer (Love To Infinity’s Extended Club Mix)
04 America (I Love America) (Sharp’s Funky Mirrorball Remix)
05 Why (Lisa Marie Vocal Experience)
06 Gabriel (Live Garage Edit)
07 The Mighty High (Short Fuse Edit)
08 Been Around The World
09 September (RKL’s Extended Cut-Up)
10 Return Of The Mack (Remix By Ian Hargest)
11 Sunchyme (Remix By Red Raw)
12 All Night Long (Hustlers Convention Remix)
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 03
01 Ajare (Way Out West Remix Edit)
02 No Other Love (Blue Amazon’s New Phase Funk Mix)
03 Just Crusin’ (Album Version)
04 Alane (Todd Terry Short Mix)
05 Jungle Brother (Urban Takeover Mix)
06 Lost You Somewhere (Album Edit)
07 Let A Boy Cry (Motiv 8 Floormungus Mix)
08 Open Your Mind (DJ Quicksilver Mix)
09 It’s Raining Men (Jonathan Peters Mix)
10 Spiller From Mexico
11 Twisted (Blue Amazon Mix)
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 04
01 Is It Scary (Eddie’s Love Mix)
02 Bamboogie (Lisa Marie Vocal Experience Remix)
03 Belo Horizonti (Def Rascal Mix)
04 Upside Down (Kamasutra Mix Part 11)
05 Slam Dunk Da Funk (Radio Edit)
06 How Soon Is Now (12» Vocal Mix)
07 Tubthumpin (Natural Born Chillers Mix)
08 Funk Music (DJ Tonka Mix)
09 Somewhere In My Heart (DMC Remix)
10 Sweetest Thing (Jeff Ishmael Mix)
11 I Don’t Want A Lover (Jimmy Gomez Remix)
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 05
01 Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Old School Mix)
02 Saints Of Me (Deep Dish Mixes Parts 1 & 2)
03 B-Boy Stance
04 L-L-L-Lies (Love To Infinity Mix)
05 La Vache (Vibro Dwarfs 12» Mix)
06 The Dogg Father
07 The Promise (Space Brothers Mix)
08 Be Strong (Exclusive CD Mix To DMC Members)
09 Let It Roll (Genetica Mix DMC 179)
10 Sun Rising (Freefall Mix DMC 178)
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 06
01 Troubled Girl (Radio Edit Mix)
02 Time Is Ticking Away (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Vocal Mix)
03 Rewind (Steve Silk Hurleys Anthem Mix)
04 Holler (Strike Mix)
05 Rock Me (LP Sampler Cut)
06 Silver Shadow (Rev-O-Lution Mix)
07 Madazulu (BBE Mix)
08 I Will Always Love You (Definitive Edit)
09 Torn (7» Edit)
10 Eisbaer
11 Good Times (Hustlers Convention Mix)
12 He’s The Greatest Dancer (E-Smoove Mix)
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 07
01 Loving You (Curtis & Moore Mix)
02 Give Me Rhythm (Full Intention Mix)
03 R U Sleeping (Original Stonebridge Mix)
04 Nobody But You (Booker T Club Mix)
05 You Are Somebody (Original 12» Mix)
06 Whine And Grine (Radio Mix)
07 Silently Bad Minded (Stereo MC’s Edit)
08 Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Francois K Classic Radio Edit)
09 What You Want
10 Voulez Vous (Extd Club)
11 Waterfront (Union Jack Mix)
12 I Like It Like That
13 Rock The Disco
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 08
01 Superstar (The Jason Nevins Live Peep Show Remix)
02 Fun (Booker T’s Vocal Mix)
03 Heaven (Danny Tenaglia’s Vocal Mix)
04 The Inside (Pleasure Upon Entry Mix)
05 You Think You Own Me (Booker T’s Vocal Lick Remix)
06 Mama Used To Say (Curtis & Moore Radio Edit)
07 Unexplained (Natural Born Chillers Remix)
08 Gotta Be… Movin’ On Up
09 Policeman Skank
10 You Don’t Have To Worry
11 Zorba’s Dance (Miss Marisa Mix)
12 Now That We’ve Found Love (Remix By West End)
13 Mr. Right (The Superb Parkside Mix)
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 09
01 What A Fool Believes (Chocolate Orchestra Mix)
02 Do You Feel It (Chris & James Mix)
03 Alarma
04 Carry On (Definitive Edit)
05 Voodoo Child (Qattarra Mix)
06 Joy (Eric Kupper Vocal Mix)
07 Initiate The Creative (K-Klass)
08 Too Close (London Connection 2 Step Garage Dub)
09 Rock Your Body (SP »Class» Mix)
10 Still The One I Love (Definitive Edit)
11 Jam The Nightclub (Break Beat Edit)
12 Riffin (Burning Club Mix)
13 Fight For Right (To Party) (Single Version)
14 Lady (You Bring Me Up) (Fire Island Mix)
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 10
01 You’re The One For Me (Full Intention Vocal Dub)
02 Freak Me (Club Asylum Mix)
03 It’s Tricky (Hocus Pocus Club Mix)
04 I’ll House You (Hitmen Edit)
05 Masquerade (Ruff Driverz Mix)
06 Theme From Great Cities (Fluke Mix)
07 Fire (Dirty Barry Mix)
08 I Love Football (Forthright Edit)
09 Kick It (Tuff Jam Edit)
10 Breathe You In (Perpetual Motion Mix)
11 Greatest Hits Mix (Edit)
12 Bamboozelled (Club Mix)
13 Grass Ain’t Greener (Boilerhouse Mix)
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 11
01 Atomic ’98 (Xenomania Mix)
02 Come And Get My Lovin’ (Original 12» Mix)
03 Disco Tr-amba (Mo’ Flavor Re-Edit)
04 Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Sugar Daddy Mix)
05 My Time (Hot Mix Edit)
06 Do You Love Me Boy (Almighty Club Mix)
07 Kickin’ Hard (Klubbheads Radio Mix)
08 One Step Beyond (RIP’s Get Saxy Up North Mix)
09 Deep Menace (Burger Queen Mix)
10 The Ultimate (Tall Paul Edit)
11 The Day Will Come (Judge Jules Vocal Mix CD Edit)
12 Give Me The Night (DJ Phats Mix)
13 Love & Happiness (The Delorme Club 4 Life Remix)
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 12
01 Bora Bora (Jonsey Mix)
02 My Desire (Club Asylum Mix)
03 No Tengo Dinero (Club Mix)
04 Do You Wanna Funk
05 So Fine (Lisa Marie Experience Edit)
06 That Nu Style (Vocal Edit)
07 Reach for the Sky (Black Connection Edit)
08 Amazon Chant (Airscape Edit)
09 Dos – I’m Not Going Home (Radio Edit)
10 Angel (Trouser Enthusiasts Mix)
11 I Believe in Miracles (Hi Rise Edit)
12 Makossa Magic (Viva Edit)
13 Instant Replay (Rhythm Masters Edit)
14 Rock With You
15 Can You Feel It
16 The Love I Lost (DMC Classic Remix)
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 13
01 I Know You Got Soul
02 Buffalo Gals Stampede (B-Gals Stampede Radio Edit)
03 The Music I Like (Radio Version)
04 Club For Life (Solar Power Remix)
05 I’m Gonna Get Ya Baby (Full Intention Vocal Radio Mix)
06 Here We Go Again (Razor & Guido Mix)
07 Sexy Eyes (Amen Edit)
08 Move Your Body (Tu Tu Tu Tu Ta, Oh La) (Radio Version)
09 Cruel Summer (Hartmann & Langhoff Short Mix)
10 Girls On Film (Salt Tank Mix)
11 Strong In Love (Radio Edit)
12 Friend Of Mine (Junior’s Dance Mix Edit)
13 Here We Go (Radio Version)
14 Disco Babes From Outer Space (Lange Remix)
15 Low Rider
16 September (RKL’s Extended Cut-Up)
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 14
01 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Quivver Mix)
02 More Than A Woman (Dave Lee’s 54 Mix)
03 The First Night (Club Mix)
04 Gimme The Night (Spacedust Remix)
05 Bomb Da Loop
06 Skydive (Original Mix) (Edit)
07 Venus (Sunshine People) (DJ Gregory Radio Edit)
08 Shame (Ruffcoder Sitone Edit)
09 Truly (Sicario Radio Edit)
10 How Deep Is Your Love
11 El Ritmo Tropical
12 She’s Gone (Love To Infinity Mix)
13 I Give (Full Radio Edit)
14 Tragedy (Extended ’94 Turntable Mix)
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 15
01 Whatever You Want (Soul Solution Vocal Anthem Mix)
02 Down On The Streets (Disco On The Street Mix)
03 Funky Love (Spread Love Vocal Mix)
04 Blame It On The Boogie (Bootie Bootleg Mix)
05 If You Could Read My Mind (Silk Hurley House On 54 Mix)
06 Talkin’ All That Jazz (Torti Old Skool Of Edits Dub)
07 Sit Down ’98 (Apollo 440 Remix)
08 Testify (D’Influence Mix)
09 Crush (Almighty Radio Edit)
10 Warning (Original Mix)
11 Sensuality (Lovestation Classic 7»)
12 Because I Got It Like That (Freestylers Indett Mix)
13 Tom’s Party (Radio Mix)
14 Money’s Too Tight To Mention (DMC Fathers Of Sound Mix)
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 16
01 Merry Xmas Everybody ’98 Remix (Flush Edit)
02 It May Be Winter Outside (Love To Infinity 7» Mix)
03 Party Poppers Christmas Party
04 Party Poppers Motown Party
05 Last Christmas (Radio Mix)
06 To You I Belong (Amen UK 12» Mix)
07 Criticize (’98 Critical YoJo Working Radio Mix)
08 Ooh I Love It (Love Break) (Full Intention Mix)
09 Don’t Let This Moment End (Mousse T. Club Mix)
10 The Latin Theme (Full Horns Mix)
11 Ok Alright
12 Dancing Baby (Ooga-Chaka)
13 I Love Music (Disco-Tex Cut Up)
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 17
01 1999 (Original LP Mix)
02 Auld Lang Syne (The DMC Dance Mix)
03 Ascension (Original Mix)
04 Sweetheart (M!’s Pounding Vocal)
05 I Want You ’98 (Sash Extended Remix)
06 Love Shack (12» Remix)
07 Da Force (Da Original Mix)
08 Joy & Pain (Dim’strumental)
09 Take Your Time (Album Version)
10 Perfect Motion (Sunday Club Mix)
11 Festive Psychosis
DMC – Club Class – Strictly DJ Only Volume 18
01 Monica – Inside (MAW Vocal Mix)
02 The James Taylor Quartet – Theme From Starsky and Hutch
03 New Atlantic – I Know 99 (Quake Vocal Remake)
04 Download – Millenium 2000 (2400 Hours Error Mix)
05 The Grifters – Flash (Radio Edit)
06 Candi Staton – Love On Love (K Klassic Club Mix)
07 Colours – What U Do (Feat. Stephen Emmanuel Eska)
08 FPI Project All Over The World Chris and James mix
10 Robbie Rivera pres. Invasion – Relax (Groove Express Mix)
11 Super Moto Funk – Put Your Arms In The Air (Get Down On It)
12 VAN ALEN jump (remix DMC )

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