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Ultimix VIP Packs [January 2019]

Ultimix VIP Pack Pt. 1 January 2019

5 Dollars [Divine Remix] 9A 128
5 Dollars [Nathan Jain Remix] 10B 124
Bounce That [Original Mix] 11A 124
Deja Rendezvou 8A 126
Hurt Me So Good [Dark Intensity Remix] 1A 123
Hurt Me So Good [Hector Fonseca & Junior Senna Remix] 12A 128
Keep On Moving [Original Mix] 8A 124
Let’s Fly [Original Mix] 12A 126
Lifting Me Up [Club Version] 9B 128
Light On [Pink Panda Extended Mix] 10A 124
Light On [Pink Panda’s Still Dancin Dub] 10A 124
Make Me Do [Chasner Remix] 8A 125
Mi Morena [Extended Mix] 3A 123
No Education 7A 123
Stompin’ To My Beat 11A 128
Sweet But Psycho [Barry Harris Club Mix V1] 3A 128
Vamos [Extended Mix] 7A 125
Whenever [Joe Stone Extended Remix] 9A 123
Youngr [Diego Miranda & B Jones Remix] 4A 125
Youngr [Tom & Collins Dub] 3A 126

Ultimix VIP Pack Pt. 2 January 2019

Awesome [Original Mix] 9A 122
Awesome [Steam Mix] 6A 122
Faith [Extended] 7A 120
Faith [Holmes John Remix] 9A 124
Faith [Kyle Watson Remix] 7A 123
Faith [Motez Remix] 7A 125
Favourite Things [James Bluck Club Mix] 8A 126
Heat [Kokiri Remix] 9A 124
Heat [Wolves By Night Remix] 9A 123
Hey DJ [Sebastian Perez Extended Mix] 8B 120
Hold Your Head Up [Original Mix] 1A 125
I Don’t Need You [Future Mix] 10A 118
Make Luv [Crush Club Extended Mix] 4A 124
Make Luv [Illyus & Barrientos Extended Mix] 5A 124
Make Luv [Redfield Remix] 4A 124
Memories [Extended Mix] 4A 117
Memories [Offset Club Mix] 4A 120
Memories [VIP Remix] 5A 122
My Blood [dEVOLVE Remix] 4A 106
My Blood [Gozzi Remix] 4A 124
Need To Feel Loved [Extended Mix] 7A 128
One Life [Dark Intensity Remix Extended] 2A 128
One Life [Klubjumpers Extended Edit] 2A 128
One Life [MIMO Remix Extended] 2A 125
Party For One [Otto Benson Remix] 2B 126
Pink Toolbox [Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix] 4A 126
Praise You [Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix] 1A 121
ReaKt [Extended Mix] 8A 126
Sunday Morning [Cloonee Extended Mix] 4A 124
Sunday Morning [Zookper Extended Remix] 1A 124
Turn Me Up [Marc Stout Extended Remix] 11A 128
Turn Me Up [Riddler House Remix] 11A 130

Ultimix VIP Pack Pt. 3 January 2019

7 Rings [Barry Harris Club Mix] 12A 128
All Fruits Ripe [Extended Mix] 2A 126
Apex [Extended Mix] 9A 128
Blind [PBH & Jack Shizzle Remix] 12A 125
Blind [Todd Edwards Extended Mix] 1A 125
Free [So Cool Network Remix] 8A 120
Free [Soulshaker Original Club Mix] 8A 124
Gringa [Dave Aude? Extended Mix] 7A 126
Grip [Jay Pryor Extended Mix] 12A 126
My English Sucks [Country Club Martini Crew Super Sized Big Room Mix] 5A 126
My English Sucks [Cristian Poow Club Mix] 8B 126
Rocket Love [Louie Vega Ole School Intro Mix] 2A 123
Say The Word [Chris Cox Club Mix] 1A 128
Say The Word [Chris Cox Dub] 1A 128
So Real [PBH x Jack Shizzle Remix] 5A 125
Speechless [Sini Remix Extended] 3A 126
Spirit In The Sky [Donny’s Guitar Heaven Mix] 11B 128
Spirit In The Sky [Jose Jimenez Dub Mix] 8A 128
Spirit In The Sky [Larry Peace Dance Mix] 11B 128
Spirit In The Sky [Mr. Root Extended Mix] 11B 126
Spirit In The Sky [OKJames Transcendental Mix] 8A 128
Spirit In The Sky [SPare Extended Mix] 8A 128
Thank U, Next [Division 4 x Matt Consola Remix] 3A 126
That’s The Way Love Goes [Division 4 Extended Mix] 6A 124
This Is House [Robbie Rivera Remix] 5A 124
Youngblood [Division 4 Remix] 6B 126

Ultimix VIP Pack Pt. 4 January 2019

Anxiety [Clean] 8A 126
Anxiety 8A 126
Call You [Breathe Carolina Extended Mix] 6A 128
Call You [Going Deeper Extended Mix] 6B 126
Check This Out [Extended] 4A 125
Dance & Chant [Extended] 8A 124
Dance 5A 123
Drunk In Love [Extended Mix] 6B 128
Feel Alive [Dzeko Remix] 2A 128
Feel Alive [LA Riots Remix] 9A 125
Feel Alive [Morgan Page Remix] 9A 128
Feel Alive [Speaker Of The House Remix] 9A 123
Get Up [Extended Club Mix] 6A 126
Gringa [Dan De Leon x Anthony Griego Private Mashup] 7A 130
Gringa [Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix] 7A 130
I Wanna Do [Extended Mix] 6A 124
If I Tell You [F.T.E.R. Edits Dub] 10A 123
If I Tell You [Synthapella] 10A 123
If I Tell You [TST Breaks] 10A 123
If I Tell You [TST Club Mix] 10A 123
It’s Just Today [Dave Aude Remix] 5A 124
Like This [Original Mix] 4A 125
Lollipop [Extended Mix] 9A 124
Love Me For The Weekend [Kue Remix Extended Mix] 6B 125
Move Your Body [twoDB Remix] 9A 126
Nothing Breaks Like A Heart [Division 4 x Matt Consola Remix] 6A 126
Rock Paper Scissors [Extended Mix] 8A 120
Runaway [Extended Mix] 8A 126
Save Me Tonight [Extended Mix] 4B 126
Shame On You [Club Junkies Disco Mix] 9A 125
Sold My Soul [Dirty Disco Houston Eagle House Remix] 6A 125
Sue Me [Dave Aude Extended] 2A 128
Sweet Talking Rapper [Extended Mix] 5A 122
Take Me Higher [Barry Harris Remix] 12A 126
Take Me Higher [Carlos Mojica Remix] 12A 126
Take Me Higher [Chris Sammarco NY-UK Club Remix] 9A 126
Take Me Higher [Country Club Martini Crew Remix] 12A 126
Take Me Higher [Dark Intensity V.I.P. Remix] 12B 126
Take Me Higher [Tommy Capretto Remix] 9A 126
This Gringa Is Ready To Lose It [It’s The Kue Bootleg] 6A 125
Together [Extended Mix] 10A 124
We Found Love [Extended Mix] 11B 122
When You Believe [Dave Aude Extended] 11A 124
White Lies [Extended Mix] 10A 124

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