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Cicana 2103

Cicana 8 bar Intro Outro
4 Phones (Intro Clean)
Anti Social (Intro Clean)
Anti Social (Intro Dirty)
Baby Sitter (Feat. Offset) (Intro Clean)
Baby Sitter (Feat. Offset) (Intro Dirty)
Best Friend (Feat. Rich The Kid) (Intro Clean)
Best Friend (Feat. Rich The Kid) (Intro Dirty)
Bread (Intro Clean)
Bread (Intro Dirty)
Catchin Feelings (Intro Clean)
Catchin Feelings (Intro Dirty)
Clout (Feat. Cardi B) (Intro Clean)
Clout (Feat. Cardi B) (Intro Dirty)
Crown (Intro Clean)
Father Of 4 (Feat. Big Rube) (Intro Clean)
Father Of 4 (Feat. Big Rube) (Intro Dirty)
I’m Not Crazy, Life Is (Feat. Chance The Rapper, Kodak Black) (Intro Clean)
I’m Not Crazy, Life Is (Feat. Chance The Rapper, Kodak Black) (Intro Dirty)
Inside (Intro Clean)
Inside (Intro Dirty)
Kush And Cognac (Intro Clean)
Kush And Cognac (Intro Dirty)
Misbehave (Intro Clean)
Misbehave (Intro Dirty)
No Matter The Cost (Feat. J Bully) (Intro Dirty)
Pressure (Feat. Nba Youngboy) (Intro Clean)
Pressure (Feat. Nba Youngboy) (Intro Dirty)
Quarter Mill (Feat. Gucci Mane) (Intro Clean)
Quarter Mill (Feat. Gucci Mane) (Intro Dirty)
Rich Mf (Intro Clean)
Rich Mf (Intro Dirty)
Same Energy (Intro Clean)
Same Energy (Intro Dirty)
Switch (Intro Clean)
Switch (Intro Dirty)
The Other Side (Feat. Mozzy, Dcmbr) (Intro Clean)
The Other Side (Feat. Mozzy, Dcmbr) (Intro Dirty)
Tia Tamera (Feat. Rico Nasty) (Intro Clean)
Trap (Feat. Lil Baby) (Intro Clean)
Type A Way (Feat. Chris Brown, Og Parker) (Intro Clean)
Type A Way (Feat. Chris Brown, Og Parker) (Intro Dirty)
V.I.C. (Intro Clean)
V.I.C. (Intro Dirty)
West Coast (Feat. Blueface) (Intro Clean)
West Coast (Feat. Blueface) (Intro Dirty)
What I Did (Feat. Kevin Gates) (Intro Clean)
Wild Wild West (Feat. Gunna) (Intro Dirty)
Wuk Up Yuh Waist (Intro Clean)
Wuk Up Yuh Waist (Intro Dirty)
You Can Tell (Intro Clean)
You Can Tell (Intro Dirty)

Cicana Acapella
Ain’t No Changes (Dirty Acapella)
Ain’t No Changes (?lean Acapella)
Boasty (Dirty Acapella)
Can’t Hold My Tongue (Clean Acapella)
Can’t Hold My Tongue (Dirty Acapella)
Caught A Vibe (Acapella (Dirty)
Chill (Freestyle 2019) (Acapella)
Complications (Acapella)
CUFFIN (Clean Acapella)
CUFFIN (Dirty Acapella)
Curious (Acapella)
Fired Up (Clean Acapella)
Good Without You (Acapella)
Had To Do It (Acapella)
Hello World (Acapella)
Im Still Not Havin It (Acapella Clean)
Jefe (Acapella Clean)
Jefe (Acapella Dirty)
Medicine (Acapella Clean)
Medicine (Acapella Dirty)
Mixed Personality (Acapella)
My Way (Clean Acapella)
My Way (Dirty Acapella)
Nerd Niggas (Acapella Clean)
Nerd Niggas (Acapella Dirty)
Never Be The Same Again (Clean Acapella)
Never Be The Same Again (Explicit Acapella)
No Drama (Clean Acapella)
No Drama (Explicit Acapella)
On My Own (Explicit Acapella)
One Call (Acapella)
Over Now (Clean Acapella)
Over Now (Dirty Acapella)
Perfect Timing (Acapella Clean)
Perfect Timing (Acapella Dirty)
Rap Hustlin (Acapella Clean)
Recipe (Acapella)
Stay With Me (Acapella)
Stop It (Acapella)
TEELEE (Radio Acapella)
The World is Yours (Acapella)
What Child Support (Acapella Clean)
What Child Support (Acapella Dirty)
Zonin (Acapella Clean)
Zonin (Acapella Dirty)

Cicana Hip Hop and R&B Exclusives Demo
247 (Clean)
25 To Life (Clean)
7 Rings (Clean)
7 Rings (Dirty)
7 Rings (Remix) (Clean)
Alright (Clean)
Apostles (Clean)
As I Am (Clean)
Barbie Drip (Clean)
Barbie Goin Bad (Clean)
BlackJack (Remix) (Intro Clean)
Bleed It (Clean)
Bug (Clean)
Bust Down Barbiana (Clean)
By Myself (Clean)
Cant Relate (Clean)
Caramel (Remix) (Clean)
Cash App (Clean)
Chi Chi (Clean)
Commitment (Radio Edit)
Complications (Main)
CONSTANT Pt.1 Pt.2 (Clean)
Crazy (Clean)
Curious (Main)
Cut Dat Check (Clean)
Decline (Clean)
Dirty (Clean)
Do Me Wrong (Dirty)
Doin It (Clean)
Drip 4 Sale (Clean)
Ecstasy (Clean)
Electrico Romantico (Radio Edit)
Eyes (Clean)
Facts (Clean)
Fight For You (Clean)
Getcha Roll On (Clean)
Give It A Try (Clean)
Gunstown (Clean)
H.M.L. (Hit My Line) (Clean)
Habit (Clean)
Heart Club (Dirty)
Hit My Line (Clean)
Hold You Down (Radio Edit)
I Got You (Clean)
Just Let Go (Dirty)
Keep On Comin (Dirty)
King (Dirty)
Lost In The Fire (Clean)
Love Myself (Clean)
Love Someone (Clean)
Mile High (Clean)
Need To Know (Dirty)
Nerd Niggas (Clean)
Never Scared (Clean)
New Shapes (Clean)
No Labels (Clean)
No Tiffany (Clean)
Over (Dirty)
Over Now (Clean)
Pick It Up (Clean)
Position To Win (Clean)
Proud Of U (Clean)
Pull Up (Main)
Real One (Clean)
Realist In It (Clean)
Return Of The Dope Boi (Dirty)
Rich Bxtch (Clean)
Right Back (Remix) (Clean)
Sacrifice (Clean)
Shot Clock (Clean)
Sicko Mode (Dirty)
Silent Ride (Clean)
Soho (Clean)
Soul Of A Woman (Clean)
T-Pain Feat. Tory Lanez – Getcha Roll On (Clean)
That Girl (Clean)
Thats Yo Money (Clean)
These Days (Radio Edit)
Time (Clean)
Times 10 (Clean)
Top (Dirty)
Trained To Kill (Big Body Whip) (Clean)
We Out (Clean)
What Child Support (Clean)
What If (Clean)
Who Im Iz Reloaded (Dirty)
Your Love (Clean)

Cicana Instrumental
25 To Life (Instrumental)
2AM (Instrumental)
Ain’t No Changes (Instrumental)
Boasty (Instrumental)
Can’t Hold My Tongue (Instrumental)
Chi Chi (Instrumental)
Complications (Instrumental)
Curious (Instrumental)
Doin It (Instrumental)
Dont Text My Line (Instrumental)
Dont Trip (Instrumental)
Drip 4 Sale (Instrumental)
Equal Opportunity (Instrumental)
Fate (Instrumental)
Fired Up (Instrumental)
Good Without You (Instrumental)
Gunstown (Instrumental)
Hello World (Instrumental)
Hey Julie (Instrumental)
I Like (Feat. Bale Gang Tez) (Instrumental)
Im Still Not Havin It (Instrumental)
Karma (Instrumental)
Medicine (feat. Jeremih) Instrumental
My Way (Instrumental)
Nerd Niggas (Instrumental)
Never Be The Same Again (Instrumental)
New Drip (Instrumental)
No Cap (Instrumental)
No Drama (Instrumental)
On My Own (Instrumental)
One Call (Instrumental)
Pull Up (Instrumental)
Rap Kulture (Instrumental with Ad-Libs and Chorus)
Reaganomics (Instrumental)
Retro 88 (Instrumental)
Scatt Pack (Instrumental)
Shook (Instrumental)
Sicko Mode (Instrumental)
Stay With Me (Instrumental)
UCLA (Instrumental)
Walter Payton – Instrumental
Wet (Instrumental)
What Child Support (Instrumental)
Wood Grain Grippin (Feat. JayMee) (Instrumental)
Zonin (Instrumental)

Cicana Urban Promos
10 Feet (Clean)
10 Feet (Dirty)
4 Phones (Clean)
4 Phones (Dirty)
A Million Times (Clean)
A Million Times (Dirty)
A No No (Remix) (Clean)
A No No (Remix) (Dirty)
Act up (Clean)
Act up (Dirty)
Almeda (Dirty)
Bacc At It Again (Clean)
Bacc At It Again (Dirty)
Bacc At It Again (Intro Clean)
Bacc At It Again (Intro Dirty)
Bad Girls (Clean)
Bad Girls (Dirty)
Bad Girls (Inst)
Bad Girls (Instrumental)
Buss It (Clean)
Buss It (Dirty)
Buss It (Instrumental)
Chanti Mccoy – Really Rude (Dirty)
Clones (Clean)
Clones (Dirty)
Clones (Intro Clean)
Clones (Intro Dirty)
Come Over (Clean)
Come Over (Dirty)
Contra La Pared (LeXeDIT Chorus Intro)
Contra La Pared (LeXeDIT Intro)
Contra La Pared (Radio Edit)
Contra La Pared
Diinky Jones – Free Me (Acapella Clean)
Diinky Jones – Free Me (Clean)
Diinky Jones – Free Me (Dirty)
Empty (Clean)
Empty (Dirty)
Ex Remix (Clean)
Ex Remix (Dirty)
Fine Ass (Acapella Clean)
Fine Ass (Acapella Dirty)
Fine Ass (Clean)
Fine Ass (Dirty Intro)
Fine Ass (Dirty)
Fine Ass (Instrumental)
Fine Ass (Super Clean Intro) (Acc Out)
Fine Ass (Super Clean Intro)
Fine Ass (Super Clean)
For What Its Worth (Clean)
For What Its Worth (Dirty)
Freaky (Clean)
Freaky (Dirty)
Free Me (Instrumental)
Frstyla (Clean)
Frstyla (Dirty)
Gas (Clean)
Gas (Dirty)
GEEKED UP (Clean Acapella)
GEEKED UP (Dirty Acapella)
GEEKED UP (Instrumental)
Give It To Em (Acapella Dirty)
Give It To Em (Clean)
Give It To Em (Dirty)
Give It To Em (Instrumental)
Have Mercy (Clean)
Have Mercy (Dirty)
Here With Me (Mixshow Edit)
Here With Me
Highway Full Of Pain (Clean)
Highway Full Of Pain (Dirty)
Hoodrich (Clean)
Hoodrich (Dirty)
How Did I Get Here (Clean)
How Did I Get Here (Dirty)
Im Solid (Clean)
Im Solid (Dirty)
Inside (Clean)
Inside (Dirty)
Inside (Instrumental)
JUICED UP (Instrumental)
Keep It Real (Dirty Intro)
Keep It Real (Dirty)
Keep It Real (Super Clean Intro)
Keep It Real (Super Clean)
Legacy (Clean)
Legacy (Dirty)
Lil Boat (Remix) (Dirty Intro)
Lil Boat (Remix) (Dirty)
Lil Boat (Remix) (Super Clean Intro)
Lil Boat (Remix) (Super Clean)
Luxury Tax (Clean)
Luxury Tax (Dirty)
Luxury Tax (Instrumental)
Man 2 Be (Clean)
Man 2 Be (Dirty)
Melt (Clean)
Melt (Dirty)
Money In The Way (Clean)
Money In The Way (Dirty)
More In The Morning (Clean Intro)
More In The Morning (Clean)
More In The Morning (Dirty Intro)
More In The Morning (Dirty)
Must Be (Acapella Dirty)
Must Be (Clean)
Must Be (Dirty)
Must Be (Instrumental)
No Label (Clean)
No Label (Dirty)
No Label (Instrumental)
Nottamun Town (Extended)
Nottamun Town (Instrumental)
Nottamun Town (Mahalo Remix Extended)
Nottamun Town (Mahalo Remix) (Radio Edit)
Nottamun Town (Original Mix)
Off Da Zoinkys (Clean)
Off Da Zoinkys (Dirty)
On Fleek (Clean)
On Fleek (Dirty)
On God (Clean)
On God (Dirty)
Pick Up the Phone (Clean)
Pimpin Aint Eazy (Clean)
Pimpin Aint Eazy (Dirty)
QUEEN (Acapella)
Queen (Clean)
Queen (Dirty)
QUEEN (Dub Version)
QUEEN (Instrumental)
Rain Dance (English Acapella)
Rain Dance (Instrumental)
Rain Dance (Main Intro)
Rain Dance (Main)
Rich N Whippin (Dirty)
Ring Ring (Clean)
Ring Ring (Dirty)
Rock Wit U (Dirty)
Rock Wit U [Clean]
Sally Walker (Clean)
Sally Walker (Explicit)
Sally Walker (Instrumental)
Sandstorm (Clean)
Sandstorm (Dirty)
Send A PIC (Clean)
Send A PIC (Instrumental)
Stay Flo (Dirty)
Stop It (Clean)
Stop It (Dirty)
Stop It (Intro Clean)
Stop It (Intro Dirty)
That’s What Love Can Do (Clean)
The G.O.A.T (Acapella)
The G.O.A.T (Instrumental)
The G.O.A.T
Tic Toc (Clean)
Tic Toc (Dirty)
Tonite (Clean)
Tonite (Instrumental)
Trap (Clean)
Trap (Dirty)
Trappin Aint Dead (Clean)
Trappin Aint Dead (Dirty)
Volcano (Clean)
Volcano (Dirty Acapella)
Volcano (Dirty)
Volcano (Instrumental)
Volcano (Intro Clean)
Volcano (Intro Dirty)
WAKE UP (Clean)
WAKE UP (Dirty)
WAKE UP (Intro Clean)
WAKE UP (Intro Dirty)
Wasted (Clean)
Wasted (Dirty)
Where They At (Acapella)
Where They At (Clean Accapella)
Where They At (Clean)
Where They At (Dirty)
Where They At (Instrumental)
Whip (Instrumental)
Whip (Main)
With You (Clean Intro)
With You (Clean)
With You (Dirty Intro)
With You (Dirty)
Wow (Remix) (Clean Intro)
Wow (Remix) (Clean)
Wow (Remix) (Dirty Intro)
Wow (Remix) (Dirty)
Young Drako (Dirty)

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