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Remix Planet 1404

DJ Coolbreak x 20 Fingers – Popsicle Love [Party Dance 90’s Redrum] 6A 128
DJ Coolbreak x Captain Hollywood – Over & Over [Party Extended 90’s Redrum] 1A 129
DJ Coolbreak x Cher – Walking In Memphis [Party Dance 90’s Redrum] 9A 129
DJ Coolbreak x Christina Aguilera – Can’t Hold Us Down [Party Dance 90’s Redrum] 5A 99
DJ Coolbreak x Common – The Light [Old School Party Redrum] 10A 97
DJ Coolbreak x Donell Jones – U Know Whats Up [Best R&B Redrum] 2A 103
DJ Coolbreak x East 17 – Around The World [Party Summer 90’s Redrum] 8A 88
DJ Coolbreak x Fugees – Ready Or Not [Party Dance 90’s Redrum] [v.4] 3A 89
DJ Coolbreak x Ice MC – Think About The Way [Party Dance 90’s Redrum] 8A 133
DJ Coolbreak x Jam Spoon – Right In The Night [Party Dance 90’s Redrum] [v.2] 6A 132
DJ Coolbreak x Jay-Z – Moment Of Clarity [Party Hip Hop Redrum] 12A 82
DJ Coolbreak x La Bouche- Where Do You Go [Party Dance 90’s Redrum] 12A 133
DJ Coolbreak x Lighthouse Family – High [Party Dance 90’s Redrum] [v.2] 6A 101
DJ Coolbreak x Madonna – Music [Party Dance 90’s Redrum] [v.2] 6A 119
DJ Coolbreak x Mr President – Coco Jambo [Party DJ Intro Club Redrum Mix] 1A 100
DJ Coolbreak x New Kids On The Block – Step By Step [Party Dance 90’s Redrum] 9A 125
DJ Coolbreak x Seal Future – Love Paradise [Party Dance 90’s Redrum] 11A 87
DJ Coolbreak x Sonique – Sky [Party Dance 90’s Hype Redurm] 12A 130
DJ Coolbreak x Tarkan – Simarik Show [Party Dance 90’s Redrum] 9A 97
DJ Starboy x El General – Bien Buena [Clean Intro] 10A 98
DJ Starboy x El General – Bien Buena [Latino’s Banger Intro] 10A 98
DJ Starboy x H‚ctor ‘el Father’ FT. Yomo & Victor Manuelle – No Hay Nadie [Clean Intro] 7A 160
DJ Starboy x Karol G FT. Maluma – Cr‚eme 2A 97
DJ Starboy x Xantos – Uh La La 10A 88
DJ Starboy x Zion – Zun Da Da [Clean Intro] 8A 88

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