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Ultimix – VIP Promo Pack [April 2019]

Ultimix VIP Promo Pack [Pt. 1]

Angelina [Extended Mix] 8A 102
Attention [Smokin Jack Hill Remix] 2A 121
Body On My [Extended Mix] 3A 122
Don’t Feel Like Crying [Jacked Remix] 4B 126
El Camino [Extended Mix] 4A 124
Happy By My Side [Extended Mix] 7B 105
Human [Original Mix] 1A 124
Joy [Extended Mix] 4A 124
Let’s Make Love [Mr. Mig & Gino Caporale Extended Mix] 9A 108
Menealo [Extended Mix] 7A 124
Never Growing Up [Extended Mix] 7B 126
One Blood [Original Mix] 6A 150
One Thing Left To Do [Extended Mix] 5B 105
Rhythm Of The Night [Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix] 5A 128
S.E.X [Extended Mix] 5A 125
Secret Land 2K19 5A 124
Som De Bahia [Federico Scavo Extended Mix] 10B 125
Starz [Robbie Rivera Remix] 1A 123
The Boss [Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix] 9A 128
Treat Me Right [Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix] 10B 128
Unspeakable Joy [Stand With Orlando 2K16 Remix] 2A 128

Ultimix VIP Promo Pack [Pt. 2]

Breathe [Bimbo Jones Club Mix] 9A 125
Breathe [Dark Intensity Club Mix] 9A 126
Don’t Let Me Go [Extended Mix] 6A 122
Don’t Stop Me Now [Moto Blanco Club Remix] 7A 124
Don’t Stop Me Now [Scotty Boy & Block & Crown Club Remix] 7A 123
Fight For Love 6A 126
Heart Of Glass [Otto Benson Remix] 12A 124
I’m Not Alone [2K19 Extended] 2A 128
I’m Not Alone [CamelPhat Extended Remix] 2A 123
I’m Not Alone 2K19 [Thomas Schumacher Remix] 4A 128
In My Arms [Extended Vocal Mix] 6A 123
I’ve Been Thinking About You [KLAAS Club Remix] 10A 123
Just Came For The Music [Rave Mix] 6A 123
One Less Day [Dying Young] [Dirty Werk Club Remix] 9A 126
One Less Day [Dying Young] [Marc Stout & Tony ArZadon Club Remix] 9A 124
Out of Love [Marc Stout & Tony ArZadon Extended Edit Remix] 9A 126
Out of Love [Morgan Page Remix Extended Edit] 9A 128
Paradise 10A 122
Put Your Phone Down [Low] [Extended Club Mix] 1A 126
SOS [Extended Mix Clean] 4A 100
SOS [Extended Mix] 4A 100
Take Me Back [Blue Ivy Extended Remix] 4B 90
Together [Ferreck Dawn Remix] 8A 124
Voices In My Head [Chris Cox Anthem Club Remix] 5A 128
Voices In My Head [Klubjumpers Extended Club Remix] 6A 128
Voices In My Head [Mr. Mig & Gino Caporale Remix] 5A 125
You Can’t See [Original Mix] 2A 125

Ultimix VIP Promo Pack [Pt. 3]

24 7 [Clean] 9B 87
365 [Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix] 7A 128
Fire In My Soul [Cristian Poow Club Mix] 11A 126
Give Me Some More [Aye Yai Yai] [StoneBridge Extended House Mix] 2A 126
Give You Up [Kue Club Remix] 8B 128
Give You Up [Marc Stout & Tony ArZadon Club Remix] 8B 128
Medellin [Main Version] 1A 92
Melt [Clean] 3A 100
My Heart [Original Mix] 1B 122
On My Way [Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix] 12A 128
One Shot [Clean Intro] 10A 98
One Shot [Explicit Intro] 10A 98
One Thought Away 6B 90
Physical Attraction [Ray Isaac Remix] 6B 119
Release Me 2K19 [Dirty Disco & Matt Consola Mainroom Remix] 1A 128
Release Me 2K19 [Future Kings Extended Mix] 1A 121
Send Me An Angel [Perry Twins Club Mix] 10A 129
Slide 4A 96
Summer Lover [Extended Mix] 4B 120
The Groove [Original Mix] 9A 124
Think About You [Galantis Remix] 6B 124
Thorns [Zookeepers Extended Remix] 12B 125
U Was At The Club [Bottoms Up] 5B 118
VIP Xclusive [Ultimix by Mark Roberts] 6A 135
Walk Me Home [Liam Pfeifer Remix] 3A 122
Waving Crazy [Radio Edit] 6A 128
You Already Know [Extended Mix] 3A 125
You Mean The World To Me [Drama Extended Mix] 5A 122

Ultimix VIP Promo Pack [Pt. 4]

Avicii Tribute Megamashup 4A 128
Beloved [Extended Mix] 12A 130
Breathe Vs. Chicken Soup Vs. Money [DJ’s From Mars Bootleg] 7A 130
Con Calma What’s The Difference [DJ’s From Mars Bootleg] 1A 128
Happier Vs. Giant Vs. No Stress [DJ’s From Mars Bootleg] 2A 128
Hey Look Ma, I Made It [Gozzi Remix] 7A 124
I’ll Lead The Way [FutureMelody Mix] 4A 118
Ive Been Working [Extended Dance Mix] 8A 130
Luv 4 Luv [Extended Mix] 6A 123
Married To The Beat [F.G. Remix] 1A 123
Melodie [Mousse T s Extended Disco Shizzle Remix ] 10A 122
Melodie [Tensnake Remix] 10A 126
Melodie [The Shapeshifters Remix] 10A 122
Mistaken [Extended Mix] 11B 128
Mood [Extended Mix] 1B 115
Party People [Extended Mix] 4A 126
Running [Redux] [Berrios Blade Edit Dub] 8A 124
Running [Redux] [L amour East Extended] 8A 124
S.O.S. [Super Clean Extended Mix] 4A 100
Shotgun [Danny Dove Extended Remix] 7A 124
Sound Of My Youth [F9 Club Mix] 4B 124
Starry Eyes [Tom Budin Remix Extended] 2A 126
Still Vs. Wow Vs. Fire [DJ’s From Mars Bootleg] 11A 128
Sucker [Barry Harris Sweet Dreams Remix] 12A 128
Sweet But Psycho [Remix] 3A 133
Sweet But Psycho Midnight City [DJ’s From Mars Bootleg] 3A 126
Thotiana [Mr. Collipark Rmx. Clean] 1A 104
We Found Love [Extended Mix] 10A 126
Work Ya Love [Extended Mix] 9A 128

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