Traxsource Afro House Essentials February 2021

Andeffect, Subjaxx – Aleo
Arrab – Amal
Balata – Smile To Me
Black Soil, Cindy – Mamela
Blaq Huf – Djongo’s Kraal
Boddhi Satva, Seyi Olagunju – Sufferance Go Terminate (Main Mix)
Bonga – Mona Ki Ngi Xica (Everything Counts Remix)
Carlos Francisco, Efue – Life (Nikos Diamantopoulos Remix)
CASAMENA – Alegria
Chris Deepak, Morris Revy – Mole Jo
Christos Fourkis – Love & Devotion
Danny J Lewis – African Mist (Extended Version)
Dany Cohiba – Puro Origen (Original Mix)
Davis P, Javier Light – Afronighina (Original Mix)
Diephuis & Eastar feat. Tracy Hamlin – Be Yourself (Diephuis Deep Vocal Mix)
DiMO (BG) – The Tribe
Dorian Craft, Coco – Stuck in My Head
Double Face, Morris Onuegbue – Mna Mna
Echo Deep – A New Day (Original Mix)
Frankawara – Atlas
Harry Soto – Afro Swing
IQ Musique, Cosmiq – Smile Again (AfroDrum’s Agenda Remix)
Ivory Child – Naha
Ivory Child – On the seventh day
Jochen Pash, Shahd, Yamil – Ya 3omri (Yamil Remix)
Josi Chave, Candy Man, Thandi Draai, Letoya Makhene – Break Away
Katiahshe, Jacob Colon – Don’t Stop (Oscar G 305 Mix)
Kaysha, Boddhi Satva – Where Is Our Love
Kusini, Silvva, Olivia Ambani – Show Me (Extended Mix)
Maestro – Antidote
Mike Shawr, Lazaurusman – Story Of Something (Original Radio Edit)
Mike Steva – Zemya
Moon Rocket, Paula – Could It Be (Vocal Mix Edit)
Msolnusic – Beautiful (Pat Lezizmo Afro Dub Remix)
Mthique Cruz, Magistic Deep – Keep Changing
Nicola Cruz – Barretto (Tienes Algo)
Peezy Beatz – Inspiration
SAbell, Bims – Take Me Out (Mephia Remix)
Shredder SA – Back To My Roots
Slay – Shela
Vanco, Jamie Fallon Smith – You Got the Moves
Yamin Bene – Oiled African Skin

Traxsource Deep House Essentials February 2021

Andy Compton – A Song For Leon
Baeka – Hold And Love Me
Boran Ece – Relance
Choopsie – Saturday Afternoon (Original Mix)
Cinthie – Just Us (Radio Edit)
Cody Currie – When the Time Is Right
Cody Currie, Eliza Rose – Moves (House Mix)
Dave Mayer – Do Whatever
Dave Mayer – Karma Sunsets
Demarkus Lewis – A Break In The Clouds (Denite Remix)
Demarkus Lewis – I Feel High (Dirtytwo Remix)
Demarkus Lewis – I Feel High (Original Mix)
Demarkus Lewis – Shuffle Board (Alek Soltirov Remix)
dj poolboi – ghosts
DuBeats – Mesmerized (JT Donaldson Remix)
Feint Young Son, Roland Clark – Protect Your Mind
Fred Everything – Alone (Together)
Fred Everything – Alone (Together) (po-lar-i-ty Remix)
Fred Everything – Phoenix
Groovechild – Hear Me Out
Intr0beatz – It’s Yours
Jack Bags – 606’s Dream
Joel Holmes – It Feels Good
Jorginho Joao, So.undso – Playboy (VELI X VIWO Remix)
Jungle Fire – Culebro (Black Science Orchestra Remix)
Kassian – All I Know
Kassian – Nuances
Lay-Far – Good Thing!
Lay-Far – My Reflection
Lay-Far – Up We Go!
Legato – It Was You, It Was Always You
Local Options – Kendricks
Lowres – Janwary
Lowres – Morozhenoe
M. Vaughan – Softly
Marc Brauner – Too Real
Peletronic – About the Void
Peter Mac – Satisfied
Piers Kirwan – Hijack
Rainer Trueby, Corrado Bucci, Truccy – Kenyatta (Laroye Afro Balearic Mix)
Residentes Balearicos – Fiesta 3 am
Romy Black – Very Underground (Romy Black Deep Remix)
Saint Thomas LeDoux – Laughing in the… (Quarion Remix)
Scope – Move On
Sebb Junior – Nite Grooves (Unreleased Original Mix)
Simplex Motive – Brand New Life
Simplex Motive – Brand New Life (Criss Korey Remix)
South West Seven, Jimpster – Angel (Jimpster Remix)
srwn – Jamdouze
Stranger Danger, Col Lawton, Dave Shorland – New York (feat. Dave Shorland)
Vray – Suki

Traxsource House Essentials February 2021

AmyElle – Animal Kingdom
Anicée, Robert Owens – This Is Old School
Austins Groove – Take You There
Basile de Suresnes – Break for Good Teuchi
Black Caviar, rion s – Money Money (Extended Mix)
Burns – Loving Touch (Edit)
Cookie Monsterz & Michelle Weeks – Spread Love (Marco Anzalone Remix)
David Calberson – Runnin’ (Original Mix)
Delpezzo, Criss Korey – It’s Alright (Original Mix)
DJ Kincaid – About The Music (Kenny Summit’s One Two BBQ Mix)
DJ Pierre, Champagne – Sometimes I Feel (Houseswingers Remix)
DJ W!LD – Panama
Donny Rotten – At Last Un Briquet
DuBeats – Lonely Man (Nhan Solo Remix)
Emily Nash – Pressure
Floorplan – Holy Ghost (Extended Mix)
Gianni Bini – Capture Me (System T Club Mix)
Glory, Jocelyn Brown – Hold Me Up (feat. Jocelyn Brown) (JJ’s Vocal Mix)
Jasper Street Co. – You’re My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration (Micfreak & DJ Spen Higher Love Vocal Remix)
Johansson – When I Come Home
Junior Jack, Glory, Jocelyn Brown – Hold Me Up (feat. Jocelyn Brown) (Riva Starr Tangerine Funk Extended Vocal Mix)
Lizzie Curious, Rhythm Staircase – Cool Stuff (84Bit Extended Remix)
Low Steppa – You
Low Steppa, Mica Paris – Heaven (Jess Bays Extended Remix)
Marc Brauner – Tool For Lovers
Milk & Sugar, Ron Carroll – House Dimension (Brokenears Remix)
Mind.E – Diamonds (Ferreck Dawn Remix)
Moreno Pezzolato – Bring Me Up (Original Mix)
Mr. V, Wolf Story – Dance To Be Free (Low Steppa, WZA, Reza Remix)
Obskür – Bayside (10 Years Of Eats Everything Extended Remix)
Paul Adam, Laureen – Sing It Back (feat. Laureen)
Peter Brown – M.u.s.i.c
Peter Brown, Mijangos – Happiness (Hatiras Extended Remix)
Quin Pearson – Together (Original Mix)
Ridney – Higher (Extended)
Roger Sanchez, Jacky – What I Mean (Rogue D Remix)
Romy Black – Take Your Time (Sebb Junior Extended Remix)
Samuele Sartini, Jonk & Spook, Mr. V – Turn Up (Our Anthem Extended Mix)
Sergio Pardo – Out Of Me
Simon Shaw – Get In Line (Sanda Remix)
Soledrifter – Let Me Sing (Original Mix)
Stereosoulz – Funkadelik
Steve Angello, Laidback Luke, Vintage Culture, Robin S – Show Me Love (Vintage Culture Remix)
Storken – Lille Vals (Patrick Topping Remix)
The Downtown Brothers – To the Height (Extended Mix)
Two Lee – Only One Way
Wasabi, Qubiko – My Love ( Qubiko Rmx ) (Qubiko Radio Mix)
Wza – GIve It All (Extended Mix)

Traxsource Nu Disco Indie Dance Essentials February 2021

Alexny – Queen Of The Bongo
Alfrenk – Stay Light (Original Mix)
Ali Love, Nicky Night Time, Breakbot – Ubiquity (feat. Breakbot) [Eric Duncan Remix]
Bad Colours, Marcus Harmon – Get U Off (feat. Marcus Harmon)
Benedek – Fever
Caio Cenci – The One
Captain Morgan – Partenope
Disco Lust – French Connection (Original Mix)
Discotron, Disko Junkie – I Need Your Lovin’
Echonomist, Mironas – Our Last Night
Elektrik Disko – Own Devices
Freiboitar – Island in the Sun
Get To Know – Love Is The Answer (Extended)
J&M Brothers – Shining Star
James Rod – Die Herrschaft
Kim & Buran – Bird Over The City
Kim & Buran – French Train
Lex (Athens), Harriet Summer – Super Charged World
Louis Feen – Thrown Down
Mama Droplets – Feel It (Original Mix)
Nu Azeite – Chicago (Rafael Yapudjian Remix)
PowerDress – Truce (Extended Mix)
Quin Pearson – Say Something (Original Mix)
Rasmus Faber, Dyanna Fearon – All Of My Dreams (Seamus Haji Extended 80’s Remix)
Richard Scholtz – Dry My Spinach
Sammy Deuce, HP Vince – You Gotta Dance (Vince’s Nu Disco Mix – Radio Edit)
Storken – Lille Vals
Storm Queen – For A Fool (Extended Mix)
Tech Support – Euphrates (System Olympia Remix)
Volta Cab – Native Talk (JKriv Remix)

Traxsource Tech House Essentials February 2021

Alex Kenji, Vic Yamamoto – Take Me
André Salmon, Gettoblaster, Missy – Don’t Stop
Andruss, Juarez – Pump up the Volume (Extended Mix)
Armin van Buuren, Duncan Laurence – Feel Something (feat. Duncan Laurence) (Sammy Porter Remix)
Denis Ago – Fast Trumped (Extended Mix)
DJ Pierre, Champagne – Sometimes I Feel (Return of The Jaded Remix)
Ellis Moss – The Shake (Extended Mix)
Heros Apolloni – Like This (Original Mix)
John Dish, Allen Wish – De Ha
John Dish, Allen Wish – Domino
Krypz – I Love the Bass
LucaJLove, BRADII – That Feeling
Manny Martey – Things Ya Do (Extended Version)
Mario Da Ragnio – Ramesh (Extended Mix)
Nestor Sanchez – Non Stop
Re.You – Very Very (Butch Remix)
Sem Thomasson – Push & Pull (Extended House Party Mix)
Stanny Abram – Genesee
Stefano Kosa – Palm Tree
Tom Haw, Gunther Beats – Tape Recorder
Trauma – Higher (Josh Butler Remix)
Virak – Sugar (Kolombo Remix) (Extended Mix)
Wally Lopez, Tatiana Mammos – Insomnie
White Groove 88 – Dale

Traxsource Afro House 2020 Best Top 200

84 Avenue, Ortal Malka – Al Amanecer (Original Mix)
Africanism, Bob Sinclar – Imbalayé (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Extended Remix)
Anane – Lets Get High (Life, Love, Music) (Manoo’s Touch Remix)
Anane, Mike Dunn – Let Me Love You (Mike Dunn BlackBall RemixX)
Antonio Ocasio – La Fievre (The Fever)
Antonio Ocasio – To You I Do Voodoo
Antonio Ocasio, Cee ElAssaad – Agbara
Antonio Ocasio, Taola – Traveler
Aris Kokou – Breath Of Life
ATFC – Das Dope (DJ Spen & Jihad Muhammad Remix)
Awen, Caiiro – Your Voice (Enoo Napa Remix)
Bedouin – Whistleman (Pablo Fierro Remix)
Bel-Ami – Like Wind (Re-Touched Mix Radio Edit)
Bel-Ami – My Desire (Radio Edit)
Beverlei Brown, Dave Anthony – How Do You Like It (Club Vocal Mix)
Black Major, Lizwi – Zolalela
Black Widow, Emmaculate – Love Manifesto (Movement I)
Blaze & UDAUFL, Joi Cardwell – Be Yourself (Manoo Dubflute Remix)
Bob Singh – Keepin’ It Deep (N’Dinga Gaba Remix)
Bob’Ezy, SINAI – Close to You (Vocal Mix)
Boddhi Satva, Sly Johnson – A Mi Sana (Dance with Me) (Main Mix)
Bonga – Mona Ki Ngi Xica (Pablo Fierro Remix)
Caiiro – Drummotions (Original Mix)
Caiiro – Drummotions (The Mike Dunn Movement Mix)
Cee ElAssaad, Thandi Draai – LoMhlaba (Original Mix)
Cevin Fisher – The Message (Doug Gomez Tribal Offering)
Chris Deepak – Cosmic Awareness
Christos Fourkis – Circo
Coflo – Playground Samba
Conway Kasey – Spiritual Escape (Original Mix)
Da Capo – Umbovukazi
Da Lata – Oba Lata (Manoo Remix)
Daniel Rateuke, Awen – Gold
Daniel Rateuke, Awen – Gold (Enoo Napa Remix)
Daniel Rateuke, Ursula Rucker – Or Stay Alive (Main Mix)
Daniel Rateuke, Ursula Rucker – Or Stay Alive (Richard Earnshaw ‘Inner Spirit’ Extended Mix)
Dany Cohiba – Los Espiritus
Dany Cohiba – Orgullo Latino (Hallex M Remix)
Dasco – African Power (Original Mix)
Dave Anthony – Celebrate Life (Original Mix)
David Morales, Tiger Wilson, Melonie Daniels Walker – Show Love (Diridim Mix, Pt. 1)
David Morales, Timmy Regisford, TOSHI – Maka (David Morales DIRIDIM Mix)
Dayo – Freely (Manoo Remix)
Dear Humans – Kidogo (Armonica Remix)
Deepconsoul, Vuyisile Hlwengu, Mimie – Umuntu Wam (Sean Ali & Munk Julious Remix)
Diephuis, Shea Soul – Don’t Speak (Deep Vocal Mix)
Digital Afrika – Babalú Ayé (Zepherin Saint Tribe Mix)
Diskopogo – Ba Ba (Original Mix)
DJ Clock – Union Dance (David Harness Rub A Rub Remix)
DJ Fudge – Mazal (Main Mix)
DJ Kabila, Wendysoni – Somnyama (Manoo Remix)
DJ Merlon, TOSHI – Layla (Enoo Napa Over Dub)
Dj Vivona, Monique Bingham – Over Him, Under Him (Afro Mix)
Dominique Fils-Aimé – Good Feeling (Atjazz & D-Malice Vocal Dub)
Doug Gomez – Power Of The People (Original Mix)
Doug Gomez, Benjy – Alma y Tambor (Doug Gomez Drum Mix)
Doug Gomez, Benjy – Alma y Tambor (Main Mix)
Doug Gomez, Conway Kasey – Amor Eterno (Original Mix)
Doug Gomez, Lizwi – Zanini Kimi (Original Mix)
Doug Gomez, Sincerity – I Am A Remnant (Original Mix)
Drega – Kali Koi
Drunky Daniels, Fran Bortolossi – Chora Viola (Boghosian Remix)
Elias Kazais, George North, Venessa Jackson – Save Me
Eric Kupper, Keiko Yoshimura – In Your Arms (Eric Kupper 2020 Afro Dub Re-edit Remaster)
Federico d’Alessio, Baby De Ipanema – Sorte Revelada (Peppe Citarella Afro Mix)
Filippos, idd aziz – Kairetu
Franck Roger – Jeware (Main Vox Mix)
Frigid Armadillo – Roam in a Day
FutureFue, Nuzu Deep – Woman So Strong (Doug Gomez Main Remix)
Geoffrey C – Yo Barnum (Jihad Muhammad BTD Remix)
Gianni Romano, Emanuele Esposito – Nene Man Ni
Groove Junkies, Reelsoul, Munk Julious, Louis Hale – Inevitable (Rise up) (Groove Junkies, Reelsoul & Munk Julious Main Mix)
guri guri boys, Tracy Hamlin – Sumthin’s Going On (Peppe Citarella AfroSoul Remix)
Hallex M, Qvln – Periódico de Ayer
Hallex M, Stevo Atambire – Da’Ana
Harry Soto – Only Now
Hyenah, Lazarusman – Not Enough
Iñaky Garcia, Jerry Davila, Mimi Barber – Cada Vez
Instant House – Awade (Joe’s Jungle Sounds Dub)
Jabzz Dimitri, Tabia – Amadlozi
Jihad Muhammad – Life
Jihad Muhammad – Voices In My Mind (DJ Spen & Reelsoul Radio Edit)
Joeski – Soy Latino
Joeski – Tierra Linda
Jon Pierce – Survivor (Emmaculate No Fear Remix)
Josh Wink, Ursula Rucker – Sixth Sense (Louie Vega Remix)
Kala’An, LauMii – Journey Of Life
Kala’An, LauMii – Poem for Daddy (Kala Remix)
Kevin Yost – The Bull (Moon Rocket Remix)
Kiko Navarro, Nina, Benji Habichuela – Okere
Kinetic T – Innovative Thoughts (Original Mix)
Kintar, Dj Ângelo – Cala del Sol
Koffee Paige, Wayne Williams – Love Sessions (Emmaculate Love Mix)
K’Ture, Kaïna Mondesir – Cause I Love (AFRIK-N-SOUL Vox Remix)
Le Croque, Tabia – Syanisaba
Lenny Air – Lloro Yo (Original Mix)
Lenny Air, Abdalla Oumbadougou – Talla Talline Manine (Antonio Ocasio Remix)
Leo Guardo, Cali Satellites – Acústica (Original Mix)
Leo Guardo, Cali Satellites, Masterspudnik – Deluge (Original Mix)
Leo Guardo, Makz Keys – Regina (Original Mix)
Lexa Hill – Niños (Vocal Mix)
Literatura – Dream (Enoo Napa Remix)
Liva K – Rosa
Louie Balo Guzman, Darren Sains, Mikki Afflick, Janine Sugah Lyrics Lyons – In The Middle (Mikki Afflick An AfflickteD Soul Vocal Mix)
Louie Vega, George LaMond – Woman (Louie Vega Dub Bass Organ)
Louie Vega, Nico Vega – How He Works (feat. Nico Vega)
Luisito Quintero, Louie Vega, Nina Rodriguez – Yemaya (Manoo’s Touch)
Mattei & Omich – Arpoador (Moon Rocket Remix)
Michele Cartello – Liquid Summer O Luv (Oscar P & Ivan Afro5 Re-Touch)
Mijangos – La Sabana
Mijangos – La Salsa
Mijangos – Suena el Sabor
Mijangos – Tormenta (Vocal Mix)
Mijangos – Tumbaoo
Mijangos, Roger Garcia – Levantate
Mikki Afflick – Thunder Drum Dance (David Morales Diridim Remix)
Missfly, Deep Soul Syndicate – Gravity
MoBlack, M. Caporale – Afra
Moon Rocket – Unclutter Your Mind (Main Mix)
Moon Rocket, Paula – Reciprocity (Main Mix)
Moon Rocket, Richard Earnshaw, Paula – Reciprocity (Richard Earnshaw ‘Inner Spirit’ Extended Mix)
Moon Rocket, TSOS – Klop (Live Mix)
Morena, Carlos Mena – I Am Your DJ (Romero & Ayala Hypno Mix)
MR.ECLECTIC, Venessa Jackson – Gathering (Jihad Muhammad BTD Remix)
Muzungu – Free
Muzungu – Free (Dj Vivona Vocal Remix)
Oreja, Moon Rocket – Vazilando (Moon Rocket Remix)
Oscar P, Robert Owens – Thank You (Hyenah Remix)
Osunlade, Carlos Mena – Los Tambores Te Llaman (Casamena Remix)
Oveous – Somewhere In America (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Oveous, Qvln – Queimar Dos (Original Mix)
Pablo Fierro – Kenari
Pakomo – Sueños
Paso Doble, Jim Mastershine, idd aziz – Tishiki (Manoo Dub)
Pat Thomas, Kwashibu Area Band – Yamona (Detroit Swindle Remix)
Peppe Citarella, Brutha Basil – Warning (Mijangos Afro House Mix)
Peppe Citarella, India, Terry Hunter – Tacalacateo (Terry Hunter Club World Remix)
Peppe Citarella, Mijangos – Casablanca
Peppe Citarella, Mijangos, Manybeat – Aqui Se Baila (Vocal Mix)
Peppe Citarella, Mijangos, Manybeat – Bailando De Too
Peppe Citarella, Mthique Cruz, Ntokozo – Thembalami (Peppe Citarella Remix)
Peppe Citarella, ZebraCak3 – Patato
Peri X – Little Closer (Doug Gomez and Steph Stylez Vocal Mix)
Ralf Gum, TOSHI – Xakanga (Ralf GUM Main Mix)
Rampa – Terrace
Rasmus Faber, Öhrn – Two Left Feet (feat. Öhrn) (Moon Rocket Extended Remix)
Richard Earnshaw, Imogen Ryall – Summer Rain (Extended Mix)
Rocco Rodamaal, Kafele – Its Over (Eltonnick Remix)
Roger Sanchez, Oba Frank Lords, Dj Chus – Alma Roja (DJ Chus Remix)
Saint Evo – Wiyyan
Saint Evo, Lizwi – Mntwana
Saliva Commandos – Are you alive
Saliva Commandos – Dirty Socks (Main Mix)
Saliva Commandos – W E R K.
Sandy Rivera – Donde Esta (Sandy Rivera’s Extended Mix)
Selva Basaran – Uthando (Oscar P Rework)
Sergio Fernandez – Urano Beatz (Extended Mix)
Silvano Del Gado – From Jamaica To Brasil Rework 2020 (Original Mix)
Silvano Del Gado – Tropical Drumer (Original Mix)
Simone Vitullo – Africa (Original Mix)
Simone Vitullo, Liva K, Brigitte Wickens – Feeling Good
Sir-Marcus, Nuzu Deep – Moya Wami (Original Mix)
Studio Apartment, Joi Cardwell – Club Lonely (Hallex M Remix)
Sunlightsquare – Oyelo (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)
Taola – Njelele (Moon Rocket Remix)
Timmy Regisford, Soul Star – Khale (Original Mix)
Tony P., Walter Scalzone, Mr. V – The Rhythm
TOSHI, Timmy Regisford – Dark Room (Mark Francis & Timmy Regisford Vocal Mix)
TOSHI, Timmy Regisford – Self-Lovers
TOSHI, Timmy Regisford – Shele (Timmy Regisford Remix)
Tswex Malabola – People Like Us
Unnayanaa, Irfan Rainy, Ibtisam – Taht Min Aini (Yoruba Soul Remix)
Vanco, Manoo, Mavhungu – Kondelelani (Manoo Remix)
Vanco, Mavhungu – Kondelelani
Vanco, Mavhungu – Kondelelani (Acapella)
Vick Lavender – Shifting Gears (Vick Lavender’s Time Traveler Mix)
Vince Watson – Voodoo Disco (Afrosoul Mix)
Walid Martinez – Eldur
Wheeler del Torro, Sidney Washington – Você é Linda (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Soul Remix)
Wolf Story, Queen Rose – Waiting For You (Extended Mix)
ZiPheko, Kunle Ayo – Obileke (Hyenah Remix)